🏆 Year-end Awards 2023

FinPod Society

It's time to plan for 2024!

How has this year been for you and your children? How many 2023 plans & wishes have been accomplished by far?

Let’s plan ahead for 2024 with FinPod and set your children for a fruitful year!

Submit your children’s drawings about 2024 wishes now. All submissions will be shared and posted onto FinPod App and Website throughout 2024!

FinPod Year-end Awards – Make a Wish for 2024!

Plan on FinPod for a fruitful new year and extra prizes! Work with your children and share with us the wishes and plans for 2024 to win prizes!

What are your children’s plans & wishes for 2024?

Share them with us to win your children's favourite prizes: AIA Carnival tickets and Minecraft gift cards!

Award Prizes:

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🧑‍⚖️ 2023 Award Winners