Your Children's Financial Journey Begins Here.

Turning everyday disciplinary tasks into fun activities and learning experiences in finance.


About FinPod

FinPod is the next generation super app to organize family tasks, rewards, pocket money and entertainment for your children.

We aspire to serve as the starting point where every child’s financial journey begins and grow with them every step of the way.

FinPod: The Quest is coming soon!

The best time to talk about money with your children is Now – let’s begin this incredible journey together with FinPod!

FinPod's Ethos

Empowering Children to Build a Better Financial Future

Discover and Experience

Make Real-Life Decisions

Leverage FinPod as an Everyday Tool

Set and Keep Track of Objectives

Be Future Proof

Bond with Family and Friends

FinPod's Value


Educational Virtual Assistant

Integrated and comprehensive mobile toolbox for family financial education


Parenting and Disciplinary Tool

Intuitive and easy to manage/monitor your children’s chores and finances


Framework of Boundaries and Limits

Manage your children’s desires efficiently and effortlessly


Platform Tailored for Children

Have fun while picking up money management knowledge and skills


Linkage of Money and Responsibilities

Springboard to a conversation with your children about earning, saving and spending


Open-Book Guide to a Better Financial Future

Plan and design your children’s path toward improving financial consciousness and wellness

FinPod is live! Be the first to experience the super app for parenting, finance and education!