FinPod x School Curriculum Parent-Child Financial Education

HK's Pioneering Financial Education

Tech x Art x Finance

Join us to embark on a magical journey of financial education! Integrating Tech x Art x Finance, the FinPod team has developed the 1st financial school curriculum in Hong Kong to build a bright financial future for our children.

1-hour Parent Lecture

Mastering financial education!

The lecture will cover methods to educate children about the value of money, address common concerns and misconceptions about financial education, through practical demonstrations and interactive discussions.

Parents will learn useful tools for teaching children about personal finance, enabling fostering children’s financial literacy and sense of financial responsibility at home.

9-hour Parent-Child Financial Course

Learn & practice the importance of financial management!

Through interactive games, videos, and stories, parents and children will learn about financial principles e.g. saving, budgeting, goal-setting, and wise spending. The course is designed by a professional financial management team and experienced teachers, incorporating real-life content to help children develop good financial habits.

Unlocking exclusive features of FinPod app, parents can guide their children through simulated game missions involving saving, budgeting, and spending decisions.

Inspire Thinking Through Art

Blending artistic creativity with financial knowledge!

Collaborating with child-art illustrator and author of “Beanie Bear Family”, Carmen Lee, the course content will combine financial and creative elements. Through the course and related art activities, it allows students to unleash their creativity and draw their own financial aspirations, while parents guide them towards their goals.

Program Objective

To guide their children to grasp financial concepts and establish a sound understanding of personal finance for a better financial future, parents will gain effective parenting tools about financial concepts and cultivate a positive attitude towards money management.

Children will participate alongside parents in a 9-hour interactive course divided into 3 stages: Motivation, Exploration and Practice.

Motivation Exploration Practice

Suitable For

Children (Grade 4 – 6) and Parents

Curriculum Schedule

3 sessions; 3-hour per session 

(9-hour in total) Capacity: 20 pairs

School curriculum customization is welcomed!

Resources included:

Curriculum Outline

Parent-Child Financial Education

  • Goals
  • Details
Phase 1


  •   ① Appreciation

  •     No Free Lunch!

  •   ② Learn to Earn

  •     Responsibility and Effort

Phase 2


  •   ③ Spending

  •     Wise Spending

  •   ④ Setting Goals

  •     Make Wishlists

  •   ⑤ Saving

  •     Why, How, What

Phase 3


  •   ⑥ Planning

  •     Decision Making & Management

  •   ⑦ Roadmap

  •     Summarizing and Practice

Feel free to contact us for demonstration and further sharing.
Phase 1
Activities & Missions

  • Financial Knowledge Quiz
  • Skill Challenges
  • Story Clips
  • Interactive Videos
  • Set Up Tasks
  • What If ...
Phase 2
Activities & Missions

  • Riddles
  • Online Price Out
  • Joy of Retailing
  • Make Your Wishlist
  • Banking Simulation
  • Saving Bingo
Phase 3
Activities & Missions

  • Fishing Game
  • Adventure of Money Masters
  • Planning x Achievement
  • Chess Game
  • -
  • -

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